Drum Loops

DrumTools Performance Designer 1.0

DrumTools Performance Designer 1.0: Powerful VSTi allowing for instant creation of 1-8 measure drum performances. Drummer and Fill-in Drummer tools provide you with practically unlimited number of variations of the drum/percussion loops and drum fills, and let you easily create professionally performed drum parts you can ever imagine. Features: 8-measure drum sequencer SlicyDrummer and Fill-in Drummer intelligent drum part generating MIDI plug-ins Unique real-time drum performance customizing algorithms Sub-hosting any third party soft synth and sampler for

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Cyclic Independence for Drummers 1.1.2

Cyclic Independence is a virtual workshop for drummers from beginners to advanced and a MIDI drum editor for all musicians. Select from over 350 graded exercise files, edit them, print them or create your own. Create thousands of possible variations for each file. Includes an integrated metronome, MIDI drums and comprehensive study guide. Make great sounding drum loops and export them as MIDI files.

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Dtab 1.04: Powerful  Drum Tab editor with Tab Import,Midi Playback, Export & Printing
Dtab 1.04

Drummers wanted to hear what a Drum Tab sounds like ? or create your own Drum Tab ? - Well, welcome to DTAB a powerful Drum TAB editing software, aimed at the fast and easy importation, play back and creation of Drum Tabs. DTAB isn`t just a Drum TAB editor though, it`s also a invaluable education tool, allowing the user create and fine tune drum rhythms audibly. Imaging being able to hear how the placement of every note changes the feel of your drum

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XRB Free 1.00: 74 Free Drum Beats for iDrum and GarageBand on Mac OS X
XRB Free 1.00

Drum Kits not included in the full XRB pack. In addition, each kit features preset beats, 74 in all. If that`s not enough, all 74 beats are rendered as Apple Loops, so you don`t have to have iDrum to enjoy XRB! XRB Apple Loops allow you to build tracks from the ground up, quickly and easily. The included iDrum Kits allow you to modify the beats themselves, using the original sounds for your own beats! The iDrum Kits require a copy of iDrum. For more

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Flash drums 08.15: Drum machine, free downloadable drum machine, drum machine.
Flash drums 08.15

Drum machine, free downloadable drum machine, drum machine music sound. Keyboard drum machine. Free ear training software Digital drum machine for kids, Drum machine game, Drum machine midi, free downloadable drum machine, backup drum machine music sound. New drum piano machine, free drum machine, voodoo drum machine. Use drum machine, band guitar machine , buying drum machine, rhythm drum machine, washing machine drum shaft, drum.

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JamDeck 1.1.8: Organic Music Production Studio
JamDeck 1.1.8

drumkits for making beats in addition to a diverse selection of 39 built-in acoustic and electronic instruments. With JamDeck, it`s easy to: Write short melodies and song stubs, capture musical ideas before they`re gone, make beats and musical loops, record short vocal loops, external instruments, beatboxing, or drum beats from microphones and line inputs, and export your melodies to GarageBand, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, REAPER, and other digital

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Drum online player 012: Drum player ear training
Drum online player 012

Drum player ear training. Drum game online weeper drum game virtual drum game free online drum game drum set game drum flash game drum kit game drum circle game.

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